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Recycling roofing materials from past projects

It doesn’t make sense to throw old, used roofing materials in the garbage. Landfill space is getting harder and harder to find and the cost of dumping roofing waste is going up. Most of the shingles and metal panels you remove from an old roof can be recycled instead of dumped, giving the materials a second life and reducing the amount of garbage generated by a new roofing project.

Let Holland Roofing recycle your used roofing materials for you

Holland Roofing believes in Green Roofing solutions. Since our beginning, we have focused on building new and replacement roofs in an environmentally friendly way that is beneficial to our customers. One of the services we offer is the recycling of old roofing materials that would normally be trashed. While we can’t recycle 100% of old roofing materials, we can recycle much of it, reducing the environmental impact of your roofing project.

What kinds of roofing materials can be recycled?

Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Also known as “composition shingles”, are made of a felt mats that have been saturated with asphalt, and then are embedded with small rock granules. Asphalt shingles can be ground up and repurposed as new roofing, bridges, pavement, sidewalks, and more. Since asphalt shingles are made up of a lot of petroleum products, recycled shingles have become a more attractive alternative than building these products from scratch.

Concrete Shingles

Can be crushed into stone and can be used as gravel for road construction, or to create new concrete.

Metal Roofing Panels

Can be melted down, and used to create new products, including metal panels for new roofing projects.

EPDM Membrane and Insulation

In 2006, Firestone Building Products Company and Carlisle SynTec Incorporated (two companies that have given Holland Roofing their highest industry awards) studied the recycling of EPDM. Their work has paid off. Recycled EPDM is now used to make walkway pads for roofs. That’s over 3 million pounds of used EPDM trash not going to a landfill! Holland Roofing is happy to do our part, supporting these industry leaders in their efforts to recycle EPDM.