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Your Roofing Budget

Defining your budget can be hard. It doesn’t help when you have to forecast failures on an asset that is exposed to foot traffic, UV exposure, wind, rain and hail. The roof is typically one of the most expensive assets on a building, and when it fails, it leaks!

Most building owners are reactive. This means they respond to leaks when they see water on the floor. This may seem like a break-fix process, but it’s also the most expensive service they can buy. On average, over 50% of the cost of having a roofer come to fix a leak is spent on driving to the site, investigating the leak and finding the entry point of the water. This not only takes a skilled technician but only fixes the active leak.

Holland’s experience proves that roof leaks can be forecasted, and more significant projects can be correctly budgeted if you have useful information. Every leak, every repair, and every bid is a record of the condition of your roof. Tracking these failures will assist in understanding how your roof is aging and what may be causing the leaks. Taking proactive actions to clean drains, repair failing sealant and tighten fasteners can reduce leaks and significantly reduce your annual reactive spending.

Hollands roof inspection reports provide data that can be used to budget roof repairs and forecast capital replacement projects. We do this by analyzing the current condition of your roof along with past failures to create a program that is unique to your building. There is rarely a one-size-fits-all program when every building is exposed to different elements, install methods and aging characteristics. We take all this into consideration and create the perfect program for your budget.

Holland has been known in the roofing industry for 32-years, and using this data is our common way of business. We partner with our clients to ensure our value is outweighed in every way. Our focus is to reduce reactive costs, proactively address maintenance items and assist in extending the useful life of our clients’ roofing, sheet-metal and fall protection systems.

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