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As America faces one of the worst pandemics it has ever seen, the construction industry is keeping America running. Roofing is explicitly maintaining one of the most expensive assets a building has. These skilled roofers never see two days the same and take pride in their ability to research, diagnose and make repairs. Most customers only see the field employees. What makes a company great is the teamwork from the field to the office. The construction field is growing extremely fast. Smart and reliable employees are needed in the administration side just as much as in the field.

Here are some employment facts about the construction industry:

  • The average salary of a field employee in the construction industry is $60,000.
    • This means the construction industry is 10% higher than other related industries.
  • 80% of construction companies have a difficult time finding key employees
  • At any given time, there are more than 350,000 open construction jobs available.
  • Women are paid 94% as much as men for the same job compared to 81% in other industries.

How to join the team?
The easiest way to join the team is to talk to your local branch or contact human resources. Once your resume is received, we will set up a phone or in-person interview to learn more about you and your interests. Our goals are your goals. Most training and safety education is completed in our office and you are paid for your time. If you are interested in learning about the construction industry or you know your passion lies in construction, contact us here.

Are you worried about the hours?
Sun or rain, roofing is happening. Inclement weather only increases the need for a roofer. When rain, snow, sleet, wind or any other weather event occurs, leaks happen. The service team acts as first responders. When we get a report of a building in distress, we respond to the leak and fix the issue. When the sun is shining, you can find roofers laying out new roof systems that will provide years of leak-free protection. This consistent work ensures that our employees always get the hours they need.

General details about the Construction Industry:
The construction industry has steadily been able to offer people careers with good pay and benefits, the potential to advance, continuing education and more. Most jobs in the construction industry don’t require large amounts of student loans to pay back compared to receiving a college degree, which is a huge factor when it comes to those choosing a career in this field. The construction industry has added 297,000 net jobs [Bureau of Labor Statistics] and continues to grow, with 61% of contractors planning to hire more employees in the next six months [USCC]. The opportunity for those to advance in the construction industry is also what attracts more and more people to join the workforce.

“The future of construction has never been better! From Fortune 500 companies to federal funding, investments in construction continue to increase. America is relying on the future wave of skilled workers to reinforce the construction workforce and come together to build America.” – IBuildAmericaOhio


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