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Throughout the United States, there are many roofing contractors, but few are recognized for their ability to go above and beyond and claim the title of a top-tier contractor. Holland Roofing consistently earns special recognition and industry awards for outstanding value, quality, and safety, on projects that have ranged from minor reroof applications to millions of square feet in new construction. Holland Roofing is proud to offer you the following roofing solutions;

New Construction

Job for job, we always do our best to ensure your complete satisfaction on new commercial roofing jobs. From the beginning stages of planning new construction, Holland Roofing will be there. Our commercial flat roof construction technicians specialize in single-ply roof systems: EPDM, TPO, and PVC. We will assess the needs that are specific to your project goals so that our experienced staff can help with installation and/or design to build a quality, cost-efficient roof system. We work side by side with our clients to understand their challenges and long-term goals. With hundreds of millions of square feet of roofing installed, our experience leads to smarter roofing solutions. We have close relationships with our manufacturers so we can provide recommendations to meet building codes and cut construction costs. Holland takes pride in our on-time delivery, extraordinary communication, and dedication to deliver the best possible roof. Once planning is complete, our trained professionals will bring the skills and expertise that guarantee a successful project every time.

Roof Replacement

The technicians at Holland Roofing can handle every phase of your roof replacement project competently and efficiently. Holland Roofing offers roof replacement services only when repairs and restoration alternatives are no longer an option or deemed incapable of bringing your roof back to a serviceable condition, or at your specific request. We take a proactive approach to our roof replacement services that instills a high level of communication, and we work as a team with you to keep things moving while anticipating issues such as daily business operations, environmental needs, inventory protection, and tenant concerns.

Our commercial roof replacement services include:
  • A thorough inspection & roof analysis
  • Pre-job planning & coordinating
  • Design & specification
  • Demolition & removal
  • Deck replacement as needed
  • Structural & mechanical evaluations
  • New roof installation 
Repair & Maintenance

Here at Holland Roofing, we understand that a roof leak is not just a failure of your roof system, but disruption to your business. We are focused on getting your building back online and operational as quickly as possible.

Leaks are the result of water entering your building’s roof system. Finding the most logical deficiency is not good enough for us. We focus on providing a holistic repair that is going to stop the leak the first time and get your business back to normal. We like to believe our value comes in many forms including replacing ceiling tiles, communicating with onsite contacts, and providing long-term recommendations to reduce unexpected leaks.

Have a roof leak? Holland Roofing wants you to remember that you have options! Replacing a roof is costly and sometimes unnecessary. We can help you make the best decision to repair and maintain the integrity of your roof to help save you time and money.


As the roofing industry evolves, liquid applied systems have grown more popular. Many major manufacturers have developed several different types of systems that can be applied directly over almost any type of system and provide a water-tight warranty for up to 15-years. A liquid applied system is applied directly over the existing roof system. The roof must qualify by having a full roof inspection completed with several cores to ensure the insulation is not saturated.

Some of the benefits of a liquid-applied system include the following:

  • Reduced building disruption compared to new membrane installation
  • Cost reduction
  • Liquid applied systems do not count as a roof per national code
  • Coating systems can be reapplied vs replaced
  • Systems come in Acrylic, Silicone, and Urethane through most major manufacturers

If you are looking for an alternative to a membrane system and have a qualified roof system, a coating system could be the right choice for you.

So why choose Holland?

Holland Roofing consistently earns special recognition and industry awards for outstanding value, quality, and safety, on projects. In fact, since 1986, Holland Roofing has accomplished the following: 

  • More than 350,000,000 sq. ft. installed in 30+ years (roughly 8,034 Acres)
  • 2,350+ Perfect 10 Installations
  • 23 Time Winner Firestone Building Products Master Contractor Award
  • 21 Time Winner Firestone Building Products President’s Club
  • 19 Time Winner Firestone Building Products Inner Circle of Quality Award
  • Member of Carlisle Symtec’s ESP Award
  • GAF Master Elite Certification
  • Johns Manville Peak Advantage Contractor

Outside of our awards and recognitions, Holland prides itself in offering quality customer service that leaves our clients satisfied every time. Holland has always believed in Quality, Tradition, Loyalty, and Dedication to our customers. This is why Holland can call itself one of the nation’s top-tier contractors and nationally recognized as a primary solutions provider to many of the fortune 1000 companies.

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