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Holland Roofing – RoofScope Service Alliance

Holland Roofing proudly offers our clients access to a free technology solution, RoofScope. Any and all information captured in the field will be housed within RoofScope, utilizing real-time processing and mobile applications.

What is RoofScope Service Alliance?

The Service Alliance consists of three individual performance-based programs focused on responding, forecasting, and ensuring the safety of your building. These programs are part of an industry best practice and are proven to extend the life of a roof up to 20% when correctly implemented. These programs are typically executed 2-4 times a year based on your roof condition and manufacturer’s requirements.

The services selected will be performed on a self-renewing schedule and do not require to be updated. Your office will be contacted prior to the visit to confirm availability and obtain access to the property.


What are the problems we look for using RoofScope? 

  • Natural deterioration of the membrane and flashing
  • Blisters, bare spots, fish mouths, and pitch pans
  • Splits in roofing membrane or composite flashing
  • Buckles, wrinkles, or ridges
  • Temperature extremes (thermal shock)
  • Gravel stop joint breaks
  • Minor slippage of roof membrane or flashing
  • Failing caulking
  • Loose metal flashing
  • Debris, small branches, dirt, or rocks
  • Visually inspect for positive drainage
  • Examine all metal flashing and valleys for rust
  • Review maintenance records of all roof inspections and roof maintenance performed, if available
  • Review manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees
  • Determine the most effective measure in repairing and maintaining the existing roof system

RoofScope Advantages

  • Labeled roof sections by square feet with photos of each section and estimated service life remaining.
  • Detailed roof composition and the estimated install date.
  • Easy to understand roof condition grading (A-F) with life expectancy/forecasting for each section.
  • All deficiencies labeled in a priority status for educated spending. (Emergency, Remedial, Safety, and Replacement)
  • Fully defined problem and correct descriptions.
  • Before and after photos for all repairs performed.
  • Executive summary page for each location that includes portfolio information and overall budgeting recommendations.


If you have any questions about RoofScope Service Alliance, contact us at (877) 491-6533.


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