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A Roof Replacement Will Reduce Costs, Save Energy

A recent study commissioned by ICF International has confirmed our message to customers – a roof replacement will reduce costs by making your building more energy-efficient! Findings from the recently published study include:

  •  A roof replacement is life-cycle economical under various conditions, even when subjected to higher incremental installation costs and discount rates.
  • Roof replacements support the transition to building electrification. They offer a significant reduction in fossil fuel use and overall improvement in energy efficiency.
  • Roof replacements support building performance standards and carbon emissions reduction goals by offering a cost-effective tool to help building owners reduce energy use and lower their carbon footprint.

According to, cutting-edge materials used for a roof replacement “can significantly decrease whole-building energy use, reducing associated costs and carbon emissions.” Depending on where your building is located, a re-roof can save you between $1.50 and $6.00 per square foot! Over time, this leads to a dramatic reduction in the energy used to heat and cool your building. A new roof will remove hundreds of pounds of potential carbon emissions from the atmosphere while keeping thousands of dollars in your pocket.

You can access the complete study here. Contact us for a quote so we can start saving you money!

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