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Proactive Rooftop Celebrations

You may not think of your roof as a celebration area, but elevated platforms naturally attract those with access to get a better view. This month, we are going to discuss general concerns that are connected to summer activities and celebrations.

Foot Traffic:

  • Even though it’s a great place to watch the fireworks, foot traffic is the #1 reason roof leaks develop. Limit the amount of foot traffic on the roof to approved personnel only.
  • Keep record of who, when and why someone is given access to the roof. This is an easy way to determine when the damage occurred and by whom. 
  • Provide walkways to rooftop equipment that require regular service or access. Be sure the walkways surround sensitive areas. 
  • Foot traffic doesn’t just mean humans, Geese commonly use roofs for protection when laying eggs. Their waste and feathers are hazardous and known to clog drains. However, it can be illegal to wash off hazardous waste into the city’s drainage system.

Falling Debris (fireworks, bullets and brush):

  • Before any celebrations occur, clear off debris that could be a fire hazard from hot embers or firework ash. Dead, dry leaves and branches act as fire magnets, so clear them from your roof and all gutters.

Foreign Objects (chairs, utensils or bottles):

  • If you do allow guests to use the roof to watch fireworks, make sure to clean up after yourselves. Forgotten cans or bottles can easily puncture your roof.
  • Footballs, volleyballs or other equipment used for activities can easily lodge themselves into roof outlets. These blockages create ponding, which adds massive amounts of weight on your roof. 

Burns (cigarettes, candles and mosquito lamps):

  • There are often times where building owners have an, “it won’t happen to me” mindset, however something as common as someone smoking a cigarette on top of your roof could cause damage.

Not all issues can be prevented, but we do offer post-holiday inspections based upon the building’s location or general use. To schedule an inspection, give us a call at (877) 491-6533 or contact us here.