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Garden Roofing comes naturally to Holland Roofing

Garden roofing comes naturally to Holland Roofing

Hans Philippo, the CEO of Holland Roofing, knows a thing or two about Roof Gardens. He was born and raised in Lisse, Holland, the flower capital of the world, and spent much of his childhood learning about plants and flowers. While interest in Garden Roofing grew, Hans found it to be a natural fit, tying together his knowledge of plants and ecology with the substantial roofing experience Holland Roofing brings to every project.

What is Garden Roofing?

Pretty much what it sounds like: a roof that integrates the elements of a garden into how the roof is constructed. Normally seen in cities, these gardens are put in both because they look good and they can help reduce building operating costs.

Roofing surfaces made with low-maintenance plants can provide substantial benefits, including:

  • The reduction of heat absorption by the roof surface. Roof gardens can reduce heat costs by 50% and cut air conditioning costs by nearly 25%
  • Mitigates Urban Heat Island effect
  • Lower noise pollution
  • Reduce water runoff
  • Reduce solar radiation
  • Improve aesthetics

Do you have a roofing project that you think might be a good candidate for a Rooftop Garden? Contact us and talk to one of our Green Roofing experts.