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Solar Roofing: Use the sun to reduce your energy budget

Holland Roofing installs turn-key solar solutions for our industrial and commercial clients. We have a vast collection of commercial solar roofing products and application options, and we can help you reduce your energy bills and decrease your environmental impact. We have a variety of installation options, including awnings, roof mounts, roof mounts and more.

Solar Roofs are only as good as their foundation

Holland Roofing’ solar roofing solutions are best-in-class, built upon the latest industry innovations and years of roofing experience; we aren’t latecomers to solar roofing. Our solar roofing solutions allow you to realize an immediate return on investment by generating electricity that can then be sold to your local utility company. We stand by our solar solutions and we’ve gone solar ourselves: Holland Roofing’s Head quarters in Florence, KY features a solar roof that we installed, meeting all best industry practices. We also monitor how well the roof works in saving our company electricity. If you visit the Holland Roofing solar roof monitoring page –, you can see are energy savings in real time. It’s pretty fantastic.

Questions about Solar Roofing?

Contact us! Our experienced solar roofing experts are happy to provide you with the latest information solar photovoltaic technology, solar panels, and different mounting options.