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What is Day lighting?

Day lighting is a roof building process that allows natural sunlight into your building, using daylight to illuminate your space & reducing the amount of money you spend on electrical lighting. Commercial and industrial buildings with large flat roofs can benefit significantly from natural daylighting through the use of skylights and light tubes.

How much energy savings can you expect from Day lighting?

Many facilities find that they can reduce their electricity costs for 50-70%, while reducing their energy consumption, and improving the look and feel of their space. When paired with automatic dimmers and light sensitive electrical switches, your energy savings can be substantial. In addition, day lighting increases the visual and physical comfort of the people who operate in the buildings, often leading to a happier, more productive workforce. Day lighting research is revealing more and more benefits; if you’d like to see what is going on at the cutting edge of this technology, check out M.I.T.’s Daylighting lab for a fascinating look into what some of the world’s leading architectural designers are doing with repurposed sunlight.

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