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Weather control services

Weather control services: Snow

Snow is heavy! It can weigh anywhere from 7 pounds to 62 pounds per cubic foot! In addition, snow drifts can dramatically increase the structural load. All too often you hear about commercial roofs giving way to the weight of the snow. A roof collapse will endanger lives, result in substantial damage to your building and its contents, stop productivity, and result in enormous financial loss. You need a snow removal plan or you are just gambling with one of your most expensive and important assets.

Holland Roofing can remove the snow from your roof

We can remove the snow from your roof

Additionally, the predictable freezing and thawing that happens during the winter can cause your roof to leak, leading to extensive property damage. Removing snow from your roof via a proper snow removal plan, without voiding your warranty, is of the utmost importance. Holland Roofing can successfully remove the snow from your roof thus decreasing the load on your building structure.

Weather control services: Hail

With the storm season upon us, it is critical that building owners and facility managers protect their investments. According to Hans Philippo, CEO and founder of Holland Roofing, far too often roofers look only for fractures on the surface of the roof. Contractors don’t realize often enough that the impact of hail creates stress on the bottom side of the roof, compromising the properties of the roofing material. In a period of time ranging from months to years, these cuts work their way to the surface of the roof. Then moisture, condensation, and water find their way to the underlying insulation, destroying the material. It is this point when the leaks finally become visible. The problem is that by the time the problem is recognized, the hail storm is long forgotten and what was an insured claim, is now money right out of the building owner’s pocket.

Hail damage is hard to recognize and semi-annual inspections tend to focus on flashings, seams, and edges where leaks normally appear. Far too often, hail damage is not discovered in this process and costly repair bills follow. Building owners should contract only experienced roof inspectors to ensure any insured damage is found.

We got you covered

So whether your problem is snow, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes, Holland Roofing has you covered. We are committed to providing quality roofing services with crews of highly skilled roofing craftsmen and OSHA approved fall protection.