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Did you know that finding leaks before they appear in your building could save you up to 50% on your lifetime service cost?
Routine roof inspections and proper maintenance are the key elements to extending the life of your roof system.

The concept is to locate and fix a minor problem before it becomes a major and costly issue. By the time a leak navigates through the roof substrate to your ceiling where you see it, you may already have severe and costly damage to your insulation, roof decking, or even potential mold issues. Both Elevate Building Products and the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress have conducted long-term studies that reveal building owners who take advantage of roof maintenance contracts save money and get more years out of their roofs.

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Holland Roofing’s preventative maintenance program is designed to help eliminate the occurrence of emergencies, downtime and damage to your valuable contents by routinely inspecting and monitoring your assets. These scheduled visits reduce unexpected issues and production downtime by more than 40% when problematic areas are addressed before they become interior issues. Our preventative maintenance programs are tailored to fit your building’s age, surroundings and specific material aging tendencies. Our program focuses on all aspects of your building’s needs and we utilize the following protocol.

  • Perform detailed roof inspection
  • Clean gutters /drains /scuppers
  • Address any current roof leaks (minor emergency repairs)
  • Inspect building exterior for damage

Our Plan and Prevent program is priced per location and occurrence. We know that successful programs require customization. Our costs are defined by location based upon size, access, surrounding vegetation and annual foot traffic.

Each inspection is performed by one of Holland Roofing’s professional field experts. Each report will be delivered in a digital PDF document and can also be accessed 24/7 via our client portal.

The bi-annual inspections are not only critical, but required to maintain the maximum coverage of most manufacturer’s warranty. Bi-annual inspections can also significantly increase the performance of any working asset while extending the serviceable life. Each property included in the Plan & Prevent Maintenance Program will include an initial review of the site and exterior shell to recommend life-extending repairs/maintenance. This report will include:

  • Site summary
  • Core results with detailed description of findings
  • Aerial image of the building
  • Digital video of the roof details
  • Digital still photos of the roof and/or concerns
  • Budget costs for upcoming maintenance and capital expenses for each building (12-month repair and 5-year replacement)
  • Estimated remaining life of each roof system
  • Online asset management database with changing conditions, deficiencies and recommendations
  • Documentation of any safety concerns with recommendations to remain in compliance with the most up-to-date OSHA regulations

While onsite, our preventative maintenance includes:

  • *Repair of minor splits and punctures
  • *Cleaning of all drainage locations to ensure proper water flow
  • *Minor caulking of failing sealants
  • *Removal of loose components or minor debris from rooftop
  • Cap flashings
  • Metal edge flashings
  • Counter-flashings
  • Base flashings
  • Roof penetrations
  • Laps/seams

*Items that will be addressed while onsite under basic roof maintenance. Items that are defined at a rate above average will be added to the report as needed.


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